About This Database

CMarZ (Census of Marine Zooplankton)-Asia Database

CMarZ-Asia Database is an integrated search system of zooplankton information provided by the CMarZ. It consists of 4 search systems of zooplankton data: Sample Collections, Species Information, Community Genes and Genomes, and BLAST Search. While its title contains the regional name "Asia", the data provided encompass those from all over the world.


Sample Collection Search

This system provides information on repositories of zooplankton samples that belong to universities, institutions, museums, and other research organizations from all over the world. Sample collections can be searched by various meta-data criteria, e.g., geographic areas and positions, dates of sampling, types of collections (nets, ROV, etc.) and/or fixations.

Species Information Search

This system provides taxonomic and ecological information of zooplankton searched by taxonomic categories at the species and higher levels, including photographic images, representative taxonomic illustrations, geographic distributions, and DNA sequences. The system is also linked to database for ecological information, including those on the abundance, biomass, and the attached meta-data such as depths and time, that have been provided by CMarZ Network members, institutions, individual scientists, and other database-projects from all over the world.

Community Genes and Genomes Search

This system provides geographical position of sequence datasets derived from the Zooplankton Community Genomic Analysis, a special enterprise of CMarZ-Asia which aims at exhaustively sequencing as many species as possible contained in the bulk zooplankton samples, thus providing estimates of total genetic diversity of zooplankton from representative areas of the world, including those of pelagic larvae of benthos and nekton on which morphological information is still limited. The contained data can be screened out by, e.g., geographic ranges, sampling dates, type of collections.

BLAST Search (Species) (Community)

This system is available to examine the similarity of your DNA sequence with the CMarZ-Asia Database both in the species- and community genomic analyses. You can search for the occurrence of similar sequence in the community genomic database with "your" species' sequence. You can also search for similar sequence in the species DNA database with the DNA sequences that are determined from unknown origin (such as fish-gut content).

Data Acknowledgment Policy

The data available here are intended for scholarly use by the academic, management, industrial, and scientific communities, with the express understanding that any such use will properly acknowledge the originating investigator. Use or reproduction of any material herein for any commercial purpose is prohibited without prior written permission from the CMarZ-Asia Data Management Office. Please read the complete data acknowledgment policy.